How can i help my daughter with her constipation problem She hates green veg.?

Answer What about non-green veggies? Do you only give them to her cooked? Kids generally love fresh veggies. You can cut them up and provide some dip to make it fun to eat. Instead of just serving the... Read More »

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What can you do if the mother of your daughter hates you for no rational reason and makes visitations impossible?

Answer See a lawyer and start the process of getting your visitation rights sorted. Often the parents try counseling to come to an amicable arrangement which then legally gets written up and if tha... Read More »

Your daughter has a horrible time with constipation and gas she is only a couple monthes old should one worry?

This is a tough one. It is tempting to say, "It wouldn't. Find another cause." Review the dose being administered. And look really hard for another cause for the behavioral change.

My son has a constipation problem...any advice?

Hi,My daughter who is 3 yrs old has this problem and I give her corn soup with prune juice and it works like magic. Also if you give milk you can use the 2% fat one.I also observed that food like m... Read More »

You can solved my constipation problem?

1) More hydration - drink more water.2) More fiber - eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fruit (quantity in that order).Problem solved (hopefully). If you do 1 without 2, you will not relieve yo... Read More »