How can i help hide my under bite, my jaw looks huge and look so weird TIPS?

Answer I suggest you see an orthodontist rather than a traditonal dentist. Under bites can actually be corrected through surgery (very invasive!) and braces. I don't understand why he advises you to wai... Read More »

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Huge mosquito bite!!?

Where can i get a HUGE box where I can hide in?

Look for an empty appliance box. You might have to do a little dumpster diving.

How do I get rid of a HUGE mosquito bite in 1 week?

bug bite creams can be very effective; rubbing alcohol helps reduce the bump, as well.

How do you hide a huge flat tv screen?

Placing the TV above your fireplace would make it too high. The most common mistake when mounting a TV to a wall is placing it too high. The screen should be mounted so that the center is no high... Read More »