How can i help hide my under bite, my jaw looks huge and look so weird TIPS?

Answer I suggest you see an orthodontist rather than a traditonal dentist. Under bites can actually be corrected through surgery (very invasive!) and braces. I don't understand why he advises you to wai... Read More »

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Internet page looks weird! HELP!!!!!?

then I'd suggest you to update your Java and adobe flashplayer to latest version

I've been in a knee brace for two weeks and now my leg looks really weird. Help?

Having damaged my knee, I've also had to deal with a knee brace. This occurrence does not sound normal to me. You should see your doctor about it. Even if it could be nothing, it would be smart to ... Read More »

Dog bite but looks more like a scratch than a bite.?

Would a chin implant help my over bite look?

If your lower jaw fails to develop properly and is too small then you can have an operation where bone chips are inserted into your jaw to make it longer. In the past this meant having your jaw wi... Read More »