How can i heal faster?

Answer You can't. Just keep them clean.You should wash off any debris or dried blood immediately after the injury, then cover it with a clean cloth, bandage, whatever. Keep checking for any oozing, puss... Read More »

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How to heal curs faster?

Clean it with warm water containing any antiseptic lotion. Dry there perfectly using hairdryer. Apply Neosporin. Wrap it with sterile cotton gauze.

How to heal a hikki...faster!?

Put a spoon in the freezer and hold it on there when it's really will cause the blood to shy away from the surface..also, get some foundation (make up) and blend it in which will also hide... Read More »

How to make my cut heal faster?

Buy provodine iodine at the nearest store. Take a napkin or q-tip and cover the whirl woud and every where around it. Also soak the bandaid/bandage with it. It might burn a little but that is it ki... Read More »

How do I heal this cut faster?

Not much you can really do. Don't take NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen) for the pain though, they block the synthesis of what makes your cut close up so it can heal