I want to grow taller im a male and 17 years old im 5.8 in height will i grow any more my dad is 5.5 and mom is 5.4 i dont do drugs smokeing or drink alchol i would like to grow six foot?

Answer Answer If you are a female you may not grow much more. You are probably at your full height and natural adult weight.If you are male, you may grow for another 3 years or so. You can probably bulk... Read More »

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Is there a possible way to grow taller at 16 if you are already taller than your parents?

Eat well and sleep a lot. You need to do things naturally; otherwise, you could damage your health. You are still a child and you need to consult with a qualified physician if you have any concerns.

Will i Grow Taller>>>?

by regular exercise and drinking alot of milk will help u still there is a chance for u to grow taller all the best.

Can I grow taller than now?

There is no exercise that you can do or food that you can eat that will make you any taller than you are genetically programed to be. You should eat well (a balanced diet), get plenty of rest, exe... Read More »

Can you grow taller after the age of 20?

Answer Stretching Exercises: - These exercises will help you improve your posture. You'll be surprised that how much of "Height" is hidden behind your slouched back. You can, at any age, add an in... Read More »