How can i give up smoking. no wise cracks please?

Answer I would suggest hypnotherepy. My friend smoked for 20+ years and after just one session cant touch ciggies since. Its been a couple of years since the session and she still doesnt have any cravings

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Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?

Can someone please give me advice on how to stop smoking?

-i'm very glad to hear that you want to quit. i wish my mom would quit.....but anyways, congrats on the first might not be a religious person, but have a word of prayer with God... Read More »

SMOKING.......I would love to give up smoking. I know many of you out there will say just quit then......?

Think smoking makes you look sexy? That you could quit any time? Think again. Myth 1: Smoking looks sexy. Or at least, that's what the tobacco industry would like you to think. Well, it may look gl... Read More »

Is it wise to give medical advice here?

The real question is should someone be asking medical advice here. ;-) This is a forum of discussions and opinions. No one is held liable.