How can i get the glass thats in my photosmart c4100 replace or fix?

Answer You can go to any glass store, bring apiece of the glass and the dimensions. The glass cutter can make the exact glass. I changed mine and the scanner works flawlessly and its a HP as well.

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Why won't my HP Photosmart C4100 series printer/scanner turn on and how can i fix it?

Hi KakoTheir is a button on the scanner itself which says "SCAN"That is what powers it on. HP are funny scanners but, very efficient.

Does photosmart hp photosmart c5200 work for iphones airprint?

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Can you replace the iPhone 4 glass with the 4S glass?

This depends on what version of the model but anything from £399 upwords.

Can you replace the glass on a hp4280 a pix fell on it and broke it--will the scan still work if i replace it?

It depends on where the scan bar was in comparison to the crack. It might have bent this rod and that would affect the scanning. Even a millimeter off would affect the scans. Only a trained expert ... Read More »