How can i get stop my throat from hurting?

Answer Don't sleep with your window open. You may have allergies.

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How to Stop Your Throat from Hurting?

The throat.There are many reasons why your throat could be hurting - pollution, overuse or straining from talking or singing. Becoming ill with respiratory infections may also cause a sore throat. ... Read More »


Darn those allergies...Well some people like to suck on popsicles or eat some ice can also take a cough drop. And if it still hurts really bad you should head to the doctor!! :) Ho... Read More »

Throat just started hurting..why ?

How's the weather where you live? It could have an effect on what you're breathing in. If you're around smokers, if there's pollen in the air or if it's very windy. Also, you could have been harbor... Read More »

How to get it to stop hurting?

Put ice in a zip lock bag and have it on your finger. It also helps when you switch cold to hot and hot to cold. Put your finger under hot water for a few minutes and then put the ice on again. Don... Read More »