How can i get some anti depressants?

Answer Sounds like you need a friend

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Should I ask my dr about anti-depressants?

It sounds like depression.Tell your doctor how you've been feeling.Depending on your age,you should probably be put on an anti-depressant.If you are 18 or younger,they might not prescribe an anti-d... Read More »

Can you OD on anti-depressants?

Sounds like a suicide question. Don't think i should answer this...

Need info on anti-depressants?

Pls. don't take synthetic/chemical anti-depressants. Instead try the following and you should be fine.Honey as natural tranquilizer with added benefitsChamomile tea as natural sedative with no side... Read More »

Natural Anti-Depressants?

How about going to the library and seeing if they have a copy of the Tony Robins tapes.On on these tapes Tony Robins discusses how we need to "work at" being depressed, in fact we need to use every... Read More »