How can i get scratches off my dvd's useing products you can find at home?

Answer Car Wax works for us. Just apply to the DVD the same way you would to a car. Good Luck...I hate scratched DVD's too!

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How do you get scratches off of DVDs?

I've enjoyed reading these responses and plan to try one or more. However, if they don't work for you, buy a used one in very good condition from for $1.11 + $2.98 shipping.

Getting Scratches out of DVDs?

try using rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball.

Do smudges and scratches on DVDs cause Birefringence?

Yes, they inhibit on how the laser refracts the light back throught he optical lense for reading.The laser is intended to shoot directly upwards, and reflect back down into the sensor. If there are... Read More »

Products to Remove Scratches From Car Paint Finish?

Many drivers and car owners have experienced the agony of seeing paint scratches on their cars. The scratches may have been caused by many such as low-hanging branches, cat claws, accidentally scra... Read More »