How can i get rid of sunburn kind of redness from my face?

Answer You will not get rid of all of the redness but Apply aloe vera to burned skin. You can also take a over the counter pain killer if needed. If the sunburn gets worse or pain becomes extreme contact ... Read More »

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How to help bad sunburn on my face I have an interview and need the redness to go!!!?

Aloe vera.. put it together with Melaleuca oil so it will help speed the healing, .

Excuriating sunburn to face and arms. It has all kind of little blisters and hurts awful. Any suggestions?

Aloe is something that is really good. Hope you feel better.

How to get the redness out of a sunburn?

Put tannin on your sunburn (Most brown looking teas have it in them) and lotion. Aloe is good too.

How do I get rid of sunburn redness quickly!?

Being from the UK. We barely get sunburned a lot. Lol. But I don't think sunburn can vanish within a couple of hours. Last summer, I got sunburn and I tried putting tea in my cool bath. It didn't r... Read More »