How can i get rid of ants without poison?

Answer Ant colonies near homes can be a source of frustration. Ants are often attracted to pantries and kitchens, and can find ways through cracks that you may not have known existed. Unfortunately, if yo... Read More »

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How do you rid your garden of rats without using poison.?

Call in the local authority vermin control. I have them out twice per year, free of charge. I have two cats and a dog problem,they put the poison in special containers so that rats and mice ca... Read More »

How do i get rid of ants without using and spray?

If you don't want to use a spray, try ant bait traps. I get ones called "Tarro" traps and have had great luck with them. It's kinda gross when they're all going to the trap, but it's worth it to ... Read More »

How do u kill ants without a ant killer?

Boric acid mixed with sugar.Boric acid with cornmeal.Lemon juice or peppermint extract/oil.Cinnamon.Tumeric powder.Figure out how they get inside the house and block those holes up with caulk or fl... Read More »

How to Kill Ants Without Pesticides?

Pesticides smell bad and are dangerous to humans, getting into ground water and contaminating wells. Here are some relatively benign way to kill ants using biodegradable materials.