How can i get rid of a headache without takin any meds?

Answer decrease your caffeine intake.

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How can i get rid of a massive headache with no meds (including OTC) and without going anywhere?

Most of the above plus meds (Param) plus close your eyes, breathe slow and deep from a lying non-moving position - no pillows please, and focus on the source of the pain - try to find its center. O... Read More »

How do you cure a really sore throat without meds?

Can people overcome thier depression without meds?

I think that it probably depends on your unique situation. I think some people take meds simply because they want to depend on a pill to help them and not have to try to actually do something for ... Read More »

How do you lower your high blood pressure without meds?

reduce your intake of salt (sodium chloride -common salt ) avoid heated debates, fights and practice yoga to calm you mind. Practice pranayamam ( breathng exercises)Incidentally yoga is not connec... Read More »