How can i get rid of a computer monitor that doesn't work?

Answer CRT monitors (as opposed to LCD flat panel monitors) contain a significant amount of lead and other heavy metals. It is illegal to dump them or put them in the trash. Most towns have a recycling ce... Read More »

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My computer charger doesnt work sometimes?

It may be 2 things. The pin head on the actual laptop. Or the fact that the piece on the cgarger which the pin goes into has been stretched (MOST LIKELY).Hope this helps!ThanksNickPlease join me on... Read More »

How can i turn my pc monitor into a mirror scanning a mirror doesnt work?

add silver chloride to ammonia coat your monitors screen in the resultign solution of silver nitrate. then pour sodium hydroxide onto the screen.

Using tv screen as computer monitor desktop screen doesnt fit tv?

change the resolution on your desktop.right click on the actual desktop,where your screensaver screen resolution.if your tv is 1080p select 1920x1080if it is 720p select 1280x720

How do you fix a earbud that doesnt work?