How can i get revenge on my two evil little sisters?

Answer 'living well is the best revenge' if you show them that there actions aren't hurting you, they'll give up, instead of an invisibilty cloak, you have the invisible cloak of dignity

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Our evil secretary just made fun of my new green eyeshadow and it hurt me! How can I best get revenge?

"She's really ugly and heavy and speaks with an accent"Is it a Southern accent? Then I think I know exactly who you're talking about. Put a muzzle on that wh0re.

Why are big sisters mean to little sisters?

Well this is because bigger sisters feel more superior than the younger sibling which causes angel of not feeling appreciated or not payed attention by the older sister makes the younger sibling sa... Read More »

In I dream of Jeannie what is Jeannies evil sisters name?

Jeannie's sister was also named Jeannie. After several appearances the network referred to her as Jeannie II officially and in credits. Sometimes current syndication also refer to her as Jeannie II... Read More »

What would happen if Cinderella was evil and the sisters were good?

Even if Cinderella had been evil and her sisters had been good, the story would not change much because the Prince was attracted to her based on her appearance at the Ball and her petite shoe size.... Read More »