How can i get prettier?

Answer Wax the unwanted hair. You can get wax strips at a drug store, anywhere really. I like the Sally Hansen ones. Or you can get it waxed at a salon. Do that with your eyebrows, then just keep it up wi... Read More »

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Who's prettier with a prettier smile?

GIRL B!! I believe I answered your other question about the eyes, once again, you are much prettier! Stop worrying, ok? You are beautiful, we all are :)

Who is prettier?

well the first girl is like a 9 in the first picture.not so much in the second.but the second girl in both pictures is a 10.good luck.

How can I be prettier?

Your probably not ugly and if you are(which your probably not) then remember their is way worse. also try to wear different clothes or different shoes do something different with your hair. Just ex... Read More »

Who is more prettier and why?

You should never compare women by picture comparison. That is rude if you are one of the girls and are just mean and think the otherone is prettier than you she is not everyone is equal they both a... Read More »