How can i get onto facebook in school?

Answer We have 2 fresh web proxies for you, which are not blocked at schools or works:http://www.homecomputer.rohttp://www.findyourdating.comYou can access Facebook, Myspace, Youtube.... or anything else.... Read More »

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Whats a good proxy site to get onto facebook at school?

Any of these firewalls and network security devices can detect a proxy as soon as you connect to it. All they have to do to determine if it is a proxy or a web site it to try and connect themselves... Read More »

What are some free proxies I can use at school to get onto Facebook?

Proxies don't work anymore. The Web filters have all they need to block them as they are made. Sooner or later it will sink in.

How often do u log onto facebook in a day?

im always logged in but i check it every 2hrs without fail, even if im out or abroad (i have it on my phone)

Why cant I log onto facebook?

It's working for me.. Must be something on your end... Try restarting your device.