When was 'The Book of Nonsense' by Edward Lear published--publisher E M Hale and Company Eau Claire Wisconsin as there is no date or ISBN number in book?

Answer Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense was first published in 1846. It has been in the public domain for years, so there are a great variety of editions. Lear was English, and no American edition of his wo... Read More »

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Do you have to pay to get a book published?

In the traditional publishing model, a writer does not pay to have her books published. Generally, the publisher pays the writer in advance ("upfront" money) and a royalty, which is similar to a co... Read More »

When was the first paperback book published?

Paperback book publishing only really existed in the form of poor quality manuscripts before 1935. It wasn't until Allen Lane saw the need for "good quality contemporary fiction" that paperback boo... Read More »

How much does it cost to get a book published?

Small publishing houses may charge you $400 to $4,000 to self-publish your book. It does not cost any money to publish a book through a major publishing company. Publishing houses pay you, the writ... Read More »

When was the first accounting book published?

Luca Pacioli published the first accounting book in 1494 titled, "Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita." The book is translated as, "Everything about Arithmetic, Geometry... Read More »