How can i get more friends on facebook?

Answer Search the school you go to for people you are friends with, if you moved search previous schools etc

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How do I get more friends on Facebook?

Just add random strangers, my friend has a bunch of fake accounts and he just adds random people and he has thousands of friends because it is most likely that a person will accept your request eve... Read More »

How to Get More Friends on Facebook?

FACEBOOK!Everyone seems to have a facebook now a days. The only question is, how many friends do you have?

How can i get more facebook friends?

Well, you don't really need many facebook friends. Are you just trying to impress your friends? cause it isn't really worth it. For me, I have some, and my friends have like way over 1000. It isn't... Read More »

Which is better @ getting more friends --- myspace or facebook?

Facebook, it is so much easier, you don't have to spend your life on creating a cool profile and when you are in college you will want a facebook, and you can decide who can view your profile, you ... Read More »