How can i get more facebook friends?

Answer Well, you don't really need many facebook friends. Are you just trying to impress your friends? cause it isn't really worth it. For me, I have some, and my friends have like way over 1000. It isn't... Read More »

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How do I get more friends on Facebook?

Just add random strangers, my friend has a bunch of fake accounts and he just adds random people and he has thousands of friends because it is most likely that a person will accept your request eve... Read More »

How can i get more friends on facebook?

Search the school you go to for people you are friends with, if you moved search previous schools etc

How to Get More Friends on Facebook?

FACEBOOK!Everyone seems to have a facebook now a days. The only question is, how many friends do you have?

Which is better @ getting more friends --- myspace or facebook?

Facebook, it is so much easier, you don't have to spend your life on creating a cool profile and when you are in college you will want a facebook, and you can decide who can view your profile, you ... Read More »