How can i get money back from them whome i lent money before?

Answer There is an old saying > "Never a lender or borrower be"I do not lend money, nor borrow it, so a clear concience without worryIf someone owes you, then just ask for it back, and if that doesn't wor... Read More »

Top Q&A For: How can i get money back from them whome i lent... are LIARS!!, anyone dealt with them before I want my money back!!?

I have little sympathy: I'm a system builder & Dreamweaver CS3 for Mac costs me £325 + VAT (£382). I would therefore think that there's a problem with an unknown company offering it for £291.If ... Read More »

Why does my mom get money each month from the government for me being adopted Why did she get money from them when I was her foster kid?

When you were still a foster child the biological parents are still obligated to pay for your expenses. Many people have many foster children because they want to and because there is a need but th... Read More »

How Do I Get Money Back From a Money Order I Didn't Use?

Banks treat money orders as cash equivalents because, under federal banking laws, money orders are next-day availability items and not subject to deposit holds. When you buy a money order, you must... Read More »

Having a problem that direct TV stole money from your Bank of America charge card How can you get this money back?