How can i get into my boyfriends emails?

Answer Hi Sam, it's me!!!!!We need to talk! I'll be down the pub (with my laptop!)

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How do Christian Mingle emails keep getting into my inbox?

maybe someone signed up using your email? lol but keep marking them as spam/junk or open the email and look for a link that removes your email address from the site, most emails have it somewhere w... Read More »

Why are there always limits on an email's size We just break them down into several emails and send them....?

I think I know of a free service you can use that doesn't limit attachment sizes. I'll check with some comrades at work and email you tomorrow.edit: ((((zilla)))) I got a hold of my business cohort... Read More »


Good boyfriends: trustworthy, kind, treat you well, nice, beyond that, whoever catches your eye.Guys traditionally make the first move, but this is the 21st century. We can vote now. And make the f... Read More »

Graduation Gifts for Boyfriends?

Congratulations are in order when your boyfriend graduates from school. Give him something that is special and memorable, just like this accomplishment he has achieved. Choose a gift that fits his ... Read More »