How can i get into club zoo in pittsburgh when im 15 with no ID?

Answer Don't try it.This can only turn out badly for everyone involved. Does this somehow make you cool? You got over?You have plenty of time to hit the clubs, in the meantime, enjoy being 15, do what 15 ... Read More »

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How do you turn into a mermaid when i touch water with my two friends with powers like H2O?

H20 is a TV show. The three girls on it are acting and wear costumes. They are not real mermaids. Mermaids are NOT real and only exist in movies, books, games and TV shows. You can NOT become a mer... Read More »

What to expect tf when meeting with a casting director from badgirls club!?

Be yourself. Dress like yourself. Just expect to have an interview and embrace your inner wild self. Ill be looking foward to seeing you on tv!!!

When can I plant strawberry plants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Strawberries can be grown almost anywhere that has temperatures in the 70s, even Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The best time to plant strawberries in Pittsburgh is early spring--late March early April.... Read More »

When did united states steel form in pittsburgh?

United States Steel headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was formed in 1901 by four men, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwab and Elbert H. Gary, who was also the first chairman of th... Read More »