How can i get get my teeth straightened really fast?

Answer I really don't think there is any shortcut for that. Braces are the only way I know of.

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If your teeth are not really bad and you only need a couple of them straightened a little how much would that cost?

Answer You need to talk to your dentist and you may get lucky and the dentist will "bond" the teeth. It almost looks like a cap and you can't tell it's not real. Also gaps in teeth can be fixed ... Read More »

Whiten my teeth, fast! help please?

I bought something called ecodent at the health food store the other day. It is all natural and cost 7 dollars. It worked overnight. The next morning my teeth were way whiter and they are not sensi... Read More »

How to get my teeth white really, really, really fast?

when you brush your teeth add baking soda to your toothpaste, it may taste gross but it whitens them up - takes a while but it should work.

How to get white teeth fast!?

Omg i asked this same question and googled it Wiki how had the answerEveryday before you brush your teeth rinse your mouth with 1 or two table spoon of hydrogen peroxide rinse it out and brush norm... Read More »