How can i get a picture of me on google?

Answer Easyput a photo on a site like FlickrWith a tag that is your nameThen when anyone does an image search with the name you have chosen to call yourself- your Face will appear.It is that easyA Faceboo... Read More »

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Can i erase a picture off of google?

Read the Terms of Service for Facebook. Anything you put there is public. You agreed to that when you created your account.

How Do I Get My Picture Off Google Search?

it's almost impossible to get a picture off google. People have probably shared it around by now and there is no way to get it off.

How do you put a picture on google images?

are you talking about the google images search? You don't, its an image search engine which means it indexes all the images it finds around the internet. Are you trying to share a picture? use a ... Read More »

How to Put My Picture as the Background on Google?

The Google page is more than just a search engine, as you can also personalize the home page with an image that appears whenever you visit the site. The site has a database of pre-loaded images to ... Read More »