How can i get a job doing cow acupuncture?

Answer I have not heard of cow acupuncture. They do use acupuncture in some vet's offices, but these aren't that common. It is mostly on smaller animals like dogs, or on horses.To be an acupuncturist you ... Read More »

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Mothers...what do you regret not doing or doing with your 1st baby?

Oh.. there are so many :)- Not encouragin him enough to be physically active- Always ruinning to help him instead of letting him try on his own- NEVER leaving him alone with anyone for at least fir... Read More »

Dog Arthritis & Acupuncture?

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, dogs are living longer than ever. This increased life span, however, gives the dog's body a chance to gradually break down in much the same way as a human... Read More »

I cut my index finger partially off doing something i wasn't supposed to be doing. READ THE DETAILS BELOW?

go to the doctor, you do NOT HAVE TO tell them what you were doing. just tell them whatever it was that actually involved slicing your finger off, you dont have to go into details about why or how ... Read More »

Will acupuncture help my TMJ?

I doubt it since the jaw is out of alignment. It didn't help my brother-in-law