How can i get a fat juciy butt in two weeks?

Answer try looking up deadlifts on google... & do tons of them. with weights. but make sure that you do them correctly... & do squats against a wall with a workout ball between the wall & your back. also ... Read More »

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How ro get a bigger butt in 3 weeks?

The right cardio exercise and weight training activities (like squatsand deadlifts) can make a difference in your backside and help you getthose buns of steel. Find out the best cardio and stre... Read More »

How to tone thighs and butt in 2 weeks?

Want to know how to reduce weight permanently and lose that weight forever? Take these step by step reduce weight guide to reveal a healthy and well toned body.1) Cardiovascular Exercises – Do yo... Read More »

Is there something wrong if you're having lower back and butt pains and you're 22 weeks pregnant?

AnswerProbably not. I have had two children and with both of them I had a lot of pain in the lower back. I would still tell your doctor about the pains that you are having. One thing that is common... Read More »

My Doc recently saw my butt and now stares at me and winks. Is this cause I got a sexy butt?

No it's because he saw the skid marks and knows that you shat yourself.