How can i get a credit card from HSBC?

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Does HSBC allow card holders more than one HSBC credit card?

HSBC allows card holders more than one HSBC credit card. HSBC manages a variety of different credit cards, from its own bank imprint to Orchard Bank to a variety of retail store credit cards. As lo... Read More »

Effects of the Credit Crunch on HSBC?

The credit crunch and the resulting sub-prime mortgage lending crisis impacted many banks across the globe. London-based HSBC, one of the world's largest banks and a significant presence in the Uni... Read More »

Can i apply for another hsbc card?

HSBC customers can apply for another HSBC card; however, it should be a different type of HSBC card than they already have. There are currently six types of HSBC-brand personal credit cards availa... Read More »

Can I use HSBC Gold Visa card in the U.S.?

Any card carrying the VISA logo with an available credit limit will be accepted worldwide at businesses that accept VISA-branded cards. Between credit and debit cards, VISA transactions in the U.S.... Read More »