How can i generate odd numbers from 91220000000 to up to 91229999999 in Exel?

Answer Paste the value of "91220000001" in cell A1. Then paste the value of "91220000003" in cell A2.Now select both of those cells, and then use the Fill Handle to drag down to the cells below in other ... Read More »

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How to Generate Random Numbers in JavaScript?

Random numbers are useful for all kinds of things like umm... never mind. The problem with the Math.random() method that we will be using is that it generates a long, practically useless decimal nu... Read More »

How to Generate Random Numbers in Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel 2003 offers users a range of functions for personal or business use, such as financial or analysis tools. One of these, the RAND function, offers users an easy way to generate rando... Read More »

Importance of MS Exel?

For almost as long as computers have been around, most users are familiar with Microsoft Excel. It is a spreadsheet program that can be used to organize data, create charts and perform various cal... Read More »

Are the numbers on the back of the Social Security card the routing numbers for the Federal Reserve?

Newer cards issued by the Social Security Administration have a red number printed on the back. Rumors state that these numbers signify a routing or account number within the Federal Reserve bankin... Read More »