How can i flush out the extra sodium in my body?

Answer Stuff like gatorade has a butt load of sodium which can make you bloat/retain water making it seem like you've gained weight. To get rid of it you can drink water and do cardio to sweat it out. Hop... Read More »

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Does sodium bicarbonate kill body fungus?

There is no scientific evidence that sodium bicarbonate can kill body fungus. Some alternative health practicioners claim that sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, can kill a particular y... Read More »

Is sodium concentration higher in cells or body fluids?

The concentration of sodium is more than 10 times lower inside a cell than in body fluids outside the cell. Sodium is the major positively charged ion outside of cells, while potassium is the major... Read More »

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Jazz up your usual plain body wash with these suggested steps - your body will feel softer than a baby's bottom.

How to Study the Hormonal Factors Which Regulate the Level of Sodium Ions in the Body?

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