How can i fix my gps signal on my tomtom start 2?

Answer Have you charged the battery recently?

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How to Troubleshoot a TomTom GPS System That Isn't Getting a Satellite Signal?

The Dutch company TomTom produces the eponymous TomTom automotive navigation system. Unfortunately, there are times when your TomTom won't be able to find the necessary four satellite signals it ne... Read More »

Do TomTom Navigator maps work on TomTom Go?

The TomTom Go device is not compatible with Navigator maps. While on the TomTom website, you may download newly updated maps for your TomTom Go under the maps tab. You must select one of the maps l... Read More »

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First thing to check is that you have the power cable connected to the monitor and it is switched on at the mains, if you have a Green or Orange light this would suggest the power is OK.You get a N... Read More »