How can i fix my freaking chapped lips!?

Answer You might just need to exfoliate your lips. Take a tooth brush, and rub it against your lips in a circular motion. Dry it off, and then apply your chapstick! (:

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How do you get rid of chapped lips?

Chapped lips!!! =(?

I once had the same thing, really sore dry chapped lips and i tried this before bed:rub your lips over very gently with a damp toothbrush to remove any dead skin. slather your lips with vaseline th... Read More »

Chapped Lips!!!?

Try chapstick, or vaseline lip balm. Keep your lips moist and stay out of the cold and out of the wind.Good luck,Dana

Why are my lips always chapped?

Some lip balms can actually dry out your lips more than they help them. Petroleum jelly is probably better -- it lasts longer, and seals in the existing moisture in your lips so that more doesn't ... Read More »