How can i fix my computer keyboard?

Answer unfortunately you might have to consider buying a new keyboard because it is damaged and cannot be repaired

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Why is a computer keyboard set up the way it is.?

It is an adaptation of the type writer keyboard. Since the type writer predate the computer the old design stuck. I think the original QWERTY design was designed to slow down the typist so the ty... Read More »

How to Use a Computer Keyboard?

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Computer keyboard spill?

Most keyboards (if not all) are designed to have keys that can be popped out by pulling up on them..then you can clean the region and pop back on the key...this is assuming you are referring to a d... Read More »

Computer Keyboard help?

Assalamoalikumdissemble that is separate the plastic alphabets and then clean it with a dry cloth and InshAllah u will have it good as new!!