How can i find what version of wikipedia i am using?

Answer Wikipedia is free and constantly updated - there's no such thing as versions of wikipedia

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How to Find a Linux Version From a Kernel Version Number?

The Linux operating system is little more than a kernel with a number of programs built around it. Linus Torvalds built the first true Linux kernel in 1991 when he was a student in Helsinki, Finlan... Read More »

Anyone know the url for the mobile version of wikipedia ?

Wikipedia's official wap site is at ( is an independent project which uses a local database. Read More »

What's that version of wikipedia where everything is ridiculous but funny?

Like everyone else has stated, I visit as well to see what's funny and what's not.

Can anyone in Thailand access Wikipedia English version?

I dont know about wikipedia direct, but i use and you can download the toolbar and it puts a little arrow at the left of your screen which you can drag up or down to what le... Read More »