How can i find someone in the army?

Answer You may know someone who is serving in the United States Army, and you haven't been able to reestablish contact with him since he enlisted. You would like to locate him, but you're not sure what st... Read More »

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How do you find out if someone was in the army?

How do you find where someone in the Army is stationed?

Ask the soldier directly.Find another soldier and ask him to look that person up on their AKO white pages.Contact the Red Cross and ask them to get a message to the soldier asking him to contact you.

How do you find information about someone who served in the Army Air Corps near Kettering England in World War 2?

Answer May I suggest that you contact the 8th & 9th Air Force web site. They have information as to which unit was at which air base, & near what town. You may also want to contact the Kettering Hi... Read More »

What if your in the army and marry someone in the army?

Then you're a soldier who is married to another soldier? Unless you delve into issues such as enlisted and officers getting involved with each other, there really isn't much more to it than that. Y... Read More »