How can i find a website where like google earth i can c from satalite but live video as it hapends and free?

Answer there are a few web cam sites with live video +many citys now have live web cams on the earth is only a static site though.national geoghraphics as live web cams there are several on ... Read More »

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How old are the satalite shots on google earth?

Depends where you are looking. For me near London the images are about 1 year old, some images of Corfu are more recent. If you have the latest update of G earth it shows a date on screen for close... Read More »

How do I find my house on google earth website?

Type into the "Fly to" box your post code, left click on the magnifying glass icon, wait for the image to "stream" (bottom of screen) to 100% then move the curser to the right of the compass rose (... Read More »

How to create a free website and write what you want on it and Google can find it?

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any softw... Read More »

i downloaded google earth and i cant find the "fly to" box, on, WHERE IS THE FLY TO BOX?

It's suppose to be on the left side of the page.