How can i fall down stairs and not break any bones?

Answer You are asking for trouble I think.There is nothing you can do to guarantee you don't break a bone or cause even more serious or permanent injuries. Whatever it is that your actually worried about ... Read More »

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If you get shoved down the stairs or fall down the stairs as a child can that make a girl infertile when she i?

Most likely no. The only way it would affect your fertility is if your abdomin was crushed like in a car accident or something. A fall won't affect fertility. I had a friend who was pregnant and go... Read More »

How to Not Fall Down Stairs?

Whether it be at work, at home, in the bathroom or in a stairwell, we have all fallen down the stairs... Keeping yourself from falling down the stairs is easily done with some forethought as to the... Read More »

What happens when you fall down a flight of stairs?

The damage done to the person might be affected by the fact that they might be falling backwards or forwards. If the person falls backwards they might hurt their spinal cord or their butt but if a ... Read More »

Why did my bones fall out?