How can i fake being ill to get a day off school?

Answer we all need a day or two off from school or work but we can't do it. we all have to go to work and go to school. But all you have to do is if your parents leave before you do then just stay home if... Read More »

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How to Fake Being Tired?

Ever wanted to stay home from school? Get out of doing chores? Read ahead and you might achieve your goal.

How can you fake being pregnant?

First of all, you need a stomach. The size depends on how far along you want to be. if your nine months, you can't look like you just ate 2 twinkies and barley gained any weight. And vise versa,...... Read More »

How to Stop Being Fake?

In a world where people tend to brutally reject originality, sometimes you find yourself conforming to someone else's tastes just for the sake of acceptance and belonging. But now you realize how p... Read More »

Fake being sick?

Just say your not feeling well you've got a migrane you wont need to do anything...