How can i download a driver in a computer that doesnt have a CD or usb port?

Answer Well.. if you're installing a driver for a webcam, you'll likely have internet in that computer. Look at manufactures website of your webcam, look for "support & drivers" and download it. It may be... Read More »

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What is the best program to download music on that doesnt harm your computer.?

There are quite a number of site able to help you to do so.. like limewire and bearshare, which is free but it is illegal and lot of virus on the song downloaded, which will crash your system easil... Read More »

What driver do I need to download if my computer won't find wireless connections?

justin there are a lot of things that can cause a wireless connection list not to show. It's not always the driver but you can check if it's there. You can check your drivers on Windows computers... Read More »

Is it possible to have a HDMI PORT installed in a laptop which doesnt have a HDMI port?

It would be MUCH cheaper to get an HDMI adapter for one of your other ports. For example you might have a DVI or mini-DVI port. Keep in mind though that DVI is video only. If you only have a VGA ou... Read More »

Why doesnt my Gtx 680 have a Vga port?

You can use the vga slot on your motherboard, but then you'll be using the onboard graphics, which means you're not using the GTX 680 at all.Just buy a new monitor. You had the money to buy the bes... Read More »