How can i download HP Mediasmart webcam software!?

Answer didn't search "everywhere"!Did you try HP?Here…D

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How do you get a webcam and a printer with a scanner to work if you lost the cd to download the software...?

when you find out can you mail me the video/pictures =)?

My windows xp does not support my scanner software. where can i download a software for free?

Yes Windows Xp should pick up the scanner immediately but if not go click the link I have posted below and find the correct drive for your scanner model. That should make it work for yah http://ww... Read More »

Where can you get software for canon ixy digicam to use it as a webcam?

Yes. While the automatic exposure algorithms are very good, you can manually set exposure (aperture and shutter speed) to get the effect you're looking for. If that isn't enough, a CHDK build is n... Read More »

How to Take Pictures Using a Webcam with Debut Software?

Your webcam can do many wonderful things. Taking photos is just one of them. This article will show you how to do just that.