How can i download Google's doodle Les Paul guitar?

Answer Edited because I uploaded the site with the recording version as well.To play Les Paul doodle directly from your pc follow the instructions at my site:

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Can you use the Les Paul guitar for Guitar Hero 3 on the Aerosmith version?

The Les Paul guitar controller is compatible with the Aerosmith version of "Guitar Hero 3" on all existing platforms. Though you can purchase the software on its own, the game is also available bun... Read More »

How to Use a PS3 Wireless Les Paul Guitar With Guitar Hero 3 on a PC?

"Guitar Hero" is a fun game that's pushing its way into a growing video game market. The Xbox 360 "Guitar Hero" controller works with the computer, so ideally the computer would recognize the Play... Read More »

Why did Les Paul make the guitar?

Les Paul designed his solid body electric guitar because he was unhappy with the tone and feedback problems of the hollow body electrics available at the time. His passion for electronics also led ... Read More »

Is this Les Paul a signature guitar in a way?

Yes. It is the most popular signature guitar on the planet :PAnd before someone says it's not a signature because other people have signature Les Pauls, the Jackson King V and Randy Rhoads are both... Read More »