How can i do the aerobic part of my training without losing muscle?

Answer First, you need to eat before training as an empty stomach is conducive to catabolism. If you increase the intensity of your weight training program (faster reps, shorter rest periods) you may not ... Read More »

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How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle?

You can burn fat without losing muscle with proper nutrition, caloric intake, and exercise. Just follow these steps for a great result.

Losing fat and building muscle?

its a different process but can be donethe key is lift weights first 40-60 minsthen after u are done lifting.. go for some cardio 20-30 minsthen finish off with some ab training 5-10 minsreduce the... Read More »

My grandpa is losing muscle and weight !?

This seems mesothelioma.There are treatments for this. See my source.

How Women Tone Muscle Without Losing Weight?

Many women worry that toning their muscles will cause them to lose weight. If a woman is slim, she may wish to create muscle definition but not at the cost of weight-loss. The key is to eat and exe... Read More »