How can i do free scan to my pc ,and fix the infections for free, all free! pleas!?

Answer AVG from Grisoft is the Best! it offers free version + updatesTry this site Avast is good too.

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Where can i download a good antispy for free and not a subscription for just a free scan and have to upgrade t?

If this is a Microsoft OS (XP or W7), I would use the security essential and it's free.

How do i get a free registry clean up with free scan and avoid paying for registration to fix it?

CCleaner is probably your best bet - which you can get from http://www.ccleaner.comHowever, if you're looking to make your PC run faster or to stop errors, I would stay clear of CCleaner because it... Read More »

Can I get a free scan for errors and a free tool to fix the erors?

Yes there are lots of free programmes, but you don't say what the errors are.The two progs that I use are Easycleaner and PC Bugdoctor.Just do Google search and you will find them.

Can i get viruses removed for free not just free scan?

Yes. There's countless free antiviruses out there that will scan and remove malware for you.AVG Free and MalWareBytes would be the top two I recommend.I've heard Microsoft Security Essentials also ... Read More »