How can i delete what i have typed in my search engine e.g google?

Answer go to Tools menu and then Internet options and delete cookies, delete files, and clear history

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How do I delete words typed in a search engine?

Delete Words Typed in a Search Engine Forms When Using an Internet Explorer Browser(Internet Explorer 7) Click on the "Tools" menu in your Internet Explorer 7 browser and select "Internet Options."... Read More »

Can you delete the history for words you've typed in the Google search box?

Here is my top google clear search tip for in to your google the last search.....use the back arrow so the cursor is at the beginning of the word..then hold down the down... Read More »

What was the dumbest thing you have ever typed into google search?

"Wombat Porn"Don't ask, we got into a Rule 34 discussion one day and my roommate said it so I searched it. Results are VERY surprising, BTW.

What do you have typed into your Internet search engine right now?

you so dont wanna know ;-)edit - i couldnt possibly say it to a lady!! ;-)