How can i delete what comes up when i type my name into google?

Answer You can't change what is found in a Google search.  All you can do is to delete the content that it links to, if you have access to that content.

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How do I delete my borowser History, the list comes evrytime i begin to type in google.?

To solve this problem, I would need to know what your browser is, as to delete past searches, it doesn't depend on Google, but it depends on your browser.To solve your problem, you need to read thi... Read More »

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How do I fix this now I can't delete my google history from the google search bar?

reinstall the your browser!a way to delete your history from your computer (idk if it deletes it from the program)1. goto start > Run > type "CMD.EXE"2. black screen appears3. Type "IPCONFIG /DISPL... Read More »

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