How can i delete my pictures on my profile on netlog ?

Answer roll over "Manage" - go to " Pictures" - on the right side click on "Manage all pictures on this page" - select them (check them on the right side ) and click " delete selected pictures " at the en... Read More »

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If i delete pictures from my computer and empty recycle bin can these pictures be retrieved some how?

Files emptied from the recycle bin can be retrieved. They are intact except the file name is renamed with a ? in the front. With use, you computer may need that hard drive space and will write ov... Read More »

How to Delete Your Friendster Profile?

Haven't touched that Friendster account in forever? Want it deleted once and for all? Here's how you can accomplish that.

How do I delete a profile pic from youtube?

To remove your Youtube avatar, go to your channel, and at the top it will say "channel settings". Click that, and under the Appearance tab you'll see "Avatar", and just under that is the option to... Read More »


if you profile should not be visible to recruiter there is two optionsYou can make resume to inactive mode. your resume will not be available for recruiters searchYou can activate hibernate mode ... Read More »