How can i create a new folder or shortcut in "my computer"?

Answer Its definitely possible, but involves "hacking" your registry. If ur not comfortable editing the registry the i dont recommend this.1. Click Start>Run, type Regedit2. Expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, then... Read More »

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How to Create a Nameless Folder in Computer?

Have you ever wanted to create a nameless folder on your computer? Follow these simple steps to create your own nameless folder.

Why I can't create folder on computer name as CON?

CON is a command in DOS (command prompt)...In MS-DOS, several special "device files" were available to aid in performing certain tasks, such as clearing the screen or deleting extraneous output fro... Read More »

How to Delete Folder Contents With a Shortcut in Windows?

Folders and files make up the data on a hard drive. A folder is an organization tool and may hold files or other folders. Sometimes it is necessary to delete the contents of a folder while keeping ... Read More »

How to Create a Web Document Shortcut?

Shortcuts are icons that can appear on your computer desktop or other locations. When you double-click shortcuts, programs launch, movies play and files open. This occurs because the shortcut is si... Read More »