How can i cover up my cuts?

Answer Try concealer and try foundation. 1.) Put concealer on the cuts 2.) Then put on the dry foundation on it

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How do I cover up my cuts?

Just use bandaids and bracelets. Start cutting in a different place thats less obvious like your upper thigh. But you really need to stop. Please. :/ Try taking icy cold showers instead.@Morgan ... Read More »

How do I cover up cuts on my wrist?

Concealer, or a light foundation? Band aids, if it doesnt look too obvious? To heal them a bit you could try vaseline mostouriser or pawpaw ointment, baby oil maybe? Pinetarsol solution if you have... Read More »

How to cover/heal cuts?

seek help.. that heals cuts. good luck and be strong. :)

How to hide cuts I wont do it again! please I just need to cover them up!!!?

Ahhhhhh man, okay you say you will never do it again but..... You need to seek help, if you cut to deep you could die; talk to someone about your problems, get help you will feel so much better. Tr... Read More »