How can i cover up a terra cotta plant container?

Answer Visit any landscaping or garden store and you will undoubtedly see walls of planters, most of them made of terra cotta. This unglazed earthenware is the ideal choice for plants and foliage. But whi... Read More »

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What Is Terra Cotta?

Terra cotta is clay molded and baked for a specific use. The term literally means "baked earth" in Italian. The name terra cotta also refers to its red-orange color. The origin of the clay dictates... Read More »

How to Repair a Terra-cotta Pot?

Terra-cotta pots add a rustic look to a backyard or patio garden. However, when a pot is damaged, it does not mean you have to throw it away. Whether it is cracked or broken, a terra-cotta pot can ... Read More »

How to Buy Terra Cotta Tile?

Terra cotta tiles are made of natural clay, giving each tile uniquely varied earth tones and creating a rustic, or old world, feel. They are commonly produced in Europe or Mexico, either by hand or... Read More »

Information on Cooking With Terra-cotta?

Clay or terra-cotta cooking vessels are among the oldest of all cooking utensils. The clay pots use food-grade clay fired at high temperatures. Terra-cotta cookware heats evenly and is easy to clea... Read More »