How can i copy 8mm tape onto dvd?

Answer Eight millimeter (8mm) tape can refer to several different video formats; the first was introduced in the early 1980s, known as Video 8. Video 8 was completely analog and worked only with analog ta... Read More »

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I need to copy a video tape to another tape how do i do this?

you need two VCRs. you play the one, you press record on the other. make sure you have it all hooked up.just google it.

How to Copy Tape Music & Put it on a CD?

You do not have to go out and buy all new CD copies of the tape music you purchased in the past. You can if you want to, but it can very easily get expensive. A cheaper alternative is to invest in ... Read More »

Where can I buy a machine that will copy any DVD onto a VHS tape?

You can get a DVD and VHS recorder combo at Best Buy or Circuit City, (somewhere like that) to record from TV to DVD or VHS and you can Dub DVD to VHS and Dub VHS to DVD. Good Luck!

How to Copy a Video Tape to a DVD?

If you have ever owned a tape deck, you are probably familiar with the concept of dubbing, such as dubbing from audio cassette to audio cassette. In order to transfer your videotape to DVD, you wil... Read More »