How can i convice my mum to get highlights in my hair?

Answer Im 13 and i know the older generations of my family aren't too appealed to the fact of me getting my whole head highlighted, but i desperately wanted them so i split the difference and got a few at... Read More »

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How to Get Blond-Colored Hair in Brown Hair with Red Highlights?

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Hair Style Ideas for Highlights on Long Hair?

Adding highlights to long hair is a trendy way to add either a bold or subtle accent to your style. There are several ways to add these streaks to long locks, from traditional highlights to more su... Read More »

Difference Between Hair Glaze & Hair Highlights?

If you're looking for a hair color pick-me-up, the options can be overwhelming. From a double process to streaks, hair color often needs a little bit of explanation. Highlights and glaze are popula... Read More »

How to convice your parents that there is something wrong?

Be advised that TV is spiritual ROT! its a propaganda machine that is owned & operated by GREED INC.NOT for your benefit but for the benefit of GREED INC.GET A CLUE PEOPLE ..... TV is brainwashing!... Read More »